Montpelier: Prepare Now For Potential Flooding

Mar 16, 2015

With 18 inches of ice on the Winooski River, the city of Montpelier is asking residents and businesses to be proactive and prepare for potential spring flooding.

A news release put out by Montpelier states, "While there is no imminent threat of flooding, the city is asking that residents and businesses with flood-prone basements in Montpelier take the necessary precautions to prepare for flooding. Specifically, those properties on Elm, Langdon, and Main Streets should check their basements, remove items from the floor of the basements and consider potential electrical issues associated with basement flooding."

The U.S. Geological Survey recently measured 18 inches of ice on the river, due to prolonged periods with temperatures below freezing this winter. Montpelier says public safety personnel are monitoring river levels daily. While levels are currently normal, they are expected to increase with snow and ice melt.

The city says it has an excavator on site and ready for deployment if ice jams arise.

"As temperatures warm up, our flood risks increase," the release states. "The National Weather Service in Burlington is monitoring the spring flood outlook. Currently, snow melt or ice jam flooding is not forecast through late March."