A Moonlit Walk On The Burton Island Farm Trail

Aug 1, 2018

Since the 18th century, Burton has been used as pasture for sheep and cows, and as farmland growing beans and peas. Now, the park is home to more than a dozen campsites and twice as many lean-tos, in addition to cabins, a bistro and even a 100-slip marina.

But remnants of the island’s agricultural past can still be found in the landscape. Rusted farm equipment is woven into the meadows full of sweet-smelling bedstraw; a barn’s cornerstone lies hidden beneath a new forest of twisted sumac trees, heavy with clusters of crimson red seeds.

At twilight on the summer solstice, VPR's Mary Engisch took a night hike with a small group of campers headed into the woods to follow the Island Farm Trail.

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