In Morrisville, Popular Vote Will Select Public Art

Sep 10, 2015

Downtown Morrisville is getting three new tree-themed sculptures, but just which sculptures is up to the public to decide.

Artists were asked to submit a proposal for three tree sculptures "that project a dynamic visual presence and draw visitors into the downtown while creating a unique community landmark." In addition, one of the sculptures is required to include "interactive components that serve to provide continued creative dialogue and engagement."

A panel narrowed the proposals down to two, and now the public is being asked to vote for the final selection on the Morristown Alliance for Culture and Commerce website. Voting ends Sept. 11 at 5 p.m.

Artist Gordon Auchincloss' rendering of a tree sculpture proposed for Morrisville.
Credit Gordon Auchincloss

The finalists are Vermont artists, Gordon Auchincloss and Michael Zebrowski, and their visions for the project are quite different. Auchincloss proposes three metal sculptures that are realistic representations of trees, while Zebrowski envisions more abstract creations that play with light, and the results are recorded with time-lapse cameras.

Zebrowski FinalCut from Michael Zebrowski on Vimeo.

The chosen sculptures will be long-term installations but designed to be moved to different locations in town, "allowing for renewed interest and visual presence," according to a project description. The sculptures will initially be positioned in front of the Post Office, the Morristown Centennial Library, and across from River Arts on Pleasant Street.

Update Sept. 15, 9:26 a.m. Hardwick artist Gordon Auchincloss has been chosen to install his sculptures in Morrisville.