With A New Album, Proctor's Caitlin Canty Sets Her Sights On Nashville

Jan 23, 2015

Proctor born singer and songwriter Caitlin Canty will perform on Saturday in West Rutland. Canty just finished her first tour of Europe and is coming home to celebrate the release of her latest album, Reckless Skyline.

Critics describe her music as a blend of country, blues, rock and folk.

But Canty says she’s not trying to create any particular style or emotion, just craft the best possible songs she can. She says her creativity got a boost a year and a half ago when she purchased a vintage Recording King guitar.

The guitar was made in the 1930s; and Canty says it still smells faintly of smoke and cigars. She loves its rich, bassy sound and says it's something she tried to highlight in her new album. 

One thing Canty says she tried to avoid with her new release was an overproduced, over perfected sound, saying she wanted her new album to convey some of the passion and raw appeal of her performances on the road.

"So this was more of a live, energetic magical moment that’s glued down on that tape,” Canty says. "And it felt so good to do.”

The 32-year-old has spent the last few years in New York City and just finished her first tour of Europe, playing almost nightly in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Canty says she's moving to Nashville this spring, hoping to take her musical career to the next level.

While Tennessee is a long way from Vermont, Canty says her Proctor roots run deep. “My mom grew up in the house I grew up in. So we’ve been there for three generations. It’s such a small supportive town, and my experience there was idyllic.”

She says coming back to play in front of friends and family at the Town Hall Theater in West Rutland Saturday will be amazing. “I’m so excited to bring this band with me. It’s a band of my heroes and it’s a one-time thing that I get to bring them all the way to my hometown to play a show and release the record that we all made together.”  And she adds laughing, “It’s also my birthday, so it’ll be a pretty cool night.”