New Program: Milk Street Radio With Chris Kimball

Jun 22, 2017

Our listeners have spoken! Through a survey and in dozens of emails, scores of VPR listeners told us they love Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio!  It will now have a permanent home on our program schedule Sunday afternoons at 2!

Milk Street Radio takes listeners around the world to ask questions about cooking, food, farming, wine, restaurants and culture. We learn about the lives of the people who grow, produce and create the food we eat.  The program also includes recipes and questions from listeners.

This spring we tested the program and more than 200 listeners responded to our survey. The majority of respondents said they enjoy the program and would listen every week. Milk Street Radio replaces The Splendid Table – we feel that Lynne Rosetto Kasper's recent retirement from that show presented an opportunity to introduce some fresh programming to our schedule.

Kimball, who has deep roots in Vermont, is a cookbook author, radio and TV host, and founder of Milk Street in Boston, Ma. – home of a cooking school and Milk Street Magazine. A new television show will debut in September.

We hope you enjoy Milk Street Radio. Listen Sunday afternoons at 2 and let us know what you think.


What factors does VPR consider in making programming decisions?
VPR makes program decisions based on a number of factors; the first of which is providing the best public service. Programs also need to fit our strategic plan and budget, and we take market factors, audience research, and listener feedback into consideration. We also keep an eye on what our public radio colleagues around the country are doing, and what is working for them.

We are constantly soliciting and considering listener input - during membership drives, and on a daily basis through our website, email, phone, Facebook and Twitter. VPR also receives regular input from the VPR Community Forum, an audience group that regularly provides feedback about programming.

Tell me more about this survey you conducted.
VPR piloted the program for seven weeks and received more than 200 responses. More than three quarters had 'a positive impression of the program.' 90% said the type of content was important to them. Almost three quarters said they were likely to listen to the program regularly.

How can I continue to listen to The Splendid Table?
You can follow The Splendid Table on their website, or subscribe to the podcast.

I'm not a fan of cooking shows, but I do like another show that isn't part of your program schedule. How can I recommend it?
We love hearing what our listeners' interests are. Send us an email!

How can I contact Milk Street Radio?
You can visit their website. If you have a cooking question, email or call 855-4-BowTie.