New Results Show At Least 52 Wells Contaminated With PFOA

Mar 15, 2016

State officials released new test results Tuesday that show more widespread chemical contamination in private wells in North Bennington.

Of 67 results the state has received so far, 52 private wells showed traces of PFOA, a chemical that was used at the Chemfab plant in North Bennington before the plant closed in 2002.

State officials discovered the contamination last month and have been working to determine how far the contamination has spread and how residents will get clean water in the future.

In the interim, the company that owned the plant, Saint Gobain, is paying for the testing as well as the cost of having water brought to affected residents.

The public water supply in Bennington tested negative for PFOA last month.

In addition to the water testing, state officials plan to begin soil sampling Wednesday at more than two dozen locations near the Chemfab plant.