Opening Day at the Legislature

Jan 9, 2013

Today Vermont Edition is broadcasting live from a little alcove in the Statehouse. It's the opening of Vermont's legislative session, and what happens at the statehouse has far reaching effects. As the politicians, lobbyists, reporters and gadflies come pouring into Montpelier today, we'll be there too to make sure you know what's in store this upcoming session.

We'll talk with House and Senate leaders about priorities in the separate chambers. We'll look at what the Democrats plan to do with their supermajority. And we'll explore how the Republicans plan to keep their voices heard.

We'll hear from House Majority Leader Willem Jewitt, House Minority Leader Don Turner, and from Senate President Pro Tem John Campbell. We'll also check in with our own Bob Kinzel and John Dillon.

If you have thoughts as the legislative session begins, email us at