Organizers Say They're Prepared For Possible Severe Weather During Saturday's Airshow

Aug 12, 2016

Organizers say there is a contingency plan in place in case the weather turns ugly at the Wings Over Vermont Airshow in Burlington Saturday.

The Wings Over Vermont Airshow is set to run through this weekend at the downtown waterfront. The National Weather Service is predicting possibly heavy rain and storms.

But Airshow Chairman Phillip Murdock says that would not necessarily mean a cancelation.

"It depends on when it happens," Murdock says. "If it happens early enough, we're on a weather delay. We'll start off with a delay until we get more fidelity on what the weather's actually going to do. And then, if gets to a point where it's late enough in the afternoon, then we would go to a cancel for that situation."

Murdock says, in case of severe weather, people will be evacuated away from the waterfront, and toward shelter in downtown Burlington.

He stresses that, if Saturday's air show events are delayed or canceled, that would not affect the schedule for Sunday's events.