Outdoor Radio: Buzzzzzzzz!

Aug 16, 2017

This month on Outdoor Radio, we’ll venture out into a meadow of wild flowers that is literally singing with bumble bees. Biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra talk about the species we find in Vermont, the different ways they pollinate our flowers and crops, and the environmental factors that are threatening their population.

To learn more and help track bees in your community, check out the Vermont Center for EcoStudies Bumblebee Survey. You may also be interested in the book, Bumblebees of North America, An Identification Guide.

Here are more links to learn about what's happening to Vermont's bee population and how you can help:

2/12/14 WCAX Across The Fence program "Plight of the Polinators".
12/2/13 VPRs Mitch Wertlieb interviews McFarland and Zahendra on decline in bee species.
12/2/13 Vermont Center for EcoStudies blog post re: bumblebees in peril.

Outdoor Radio is a monthly feature produced in collaboration with the Vermont Center for EcoStudies in Norwich Vermont. The program explores the sounds and science of our natural world. Biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra host the program, bringing you their expertise, knowledge of current trends and events that are impacting our environment, and their love of the outdoors.

Outdoor Radio is made possible with support from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation.

VCE, a non-profit group of biologists based in Norwich, promotes wildlife conservation across the Americas with scientific research and citizen engagement. VCE Scientists study and protect birds, insects, amphibians and other wildlife from Canada to South America.

This program was first broadcast July 17, 2014