Paramount Presents Sneak Peek of Broadway-Bound Play

Sep 28, 2014

Sunday evening Rutland’s Paramount Theatre will give audiences a sneak peek of “The Seagull,” before the Bedlam Theatre Company takes the classic Chekhov play to Broadway November 9. 

Typically when you see a play, the rehearsals are over. But Paramount Director Bruce Bouchard says it’s also fascinating to see a work in progress, especially with an acting company like Bedlam.

“Their production of Hamlet last year was reviewed by the New York Times with what we call in the trade a ‘Walk on Water Review.’" says Bouchard. "They became darlings in New York City and this is their second season coming up. So I was after them since they’re just over in the Adirondacks in seclusion rehearsing and I said let’s put it up, no set, no finished costumes, minimal props." But Bouchard adds, "You will see the whole production of The Seagull.”

The audience will be invited to take part in a discussion after the show, which Bouchard says provides vital feedback for the actors as they prepare for Broadway. 

Sunday’s performance at the Paramount Theatre begins at 7 p.m.  Tickets cost $20.