Planning For New Traffic Rules, Bolton Mulls More Enforcement

Sep 12, 2016

A traffic ordinance adopted by the Bolton Select Board goes into effect at the end of the month. The ordinance sets enforceable speed limits on town highways, designates intersections where drivers must come to a full stop, delineates crosswalks, regulates load limits and dictates parking regulations. 

But with the new rules comes the question of enforcement.

Bolton does not have a municipal police department. Instead, the town relies on primary law enforcement coverage out of the Williston Barracks of the Vermont State Police.

According to the September edition of the town's online newsletter, The Bolton Gazette, the select board is considering beefing up the town's law enforcement presence to address the speeding issue in some parts of town. A blurb in the newsletter states:

The ordinance was adopted to enable the town to set enforceable speed limits and traffic controls on town highways and to regulate parking within the town rights-of-way. The Select Board is researching options for contracting with law enforcement to address areas of chronic speeding in town; in particular on the Bolton Valley Access and Duxbury Roads.

The ordinance was adopted Aug. 1, and will go into effect Sept. 30, assuming a petition to disapprove the ordinance is not turned in by the middle of this week.