Playlist: Music By Artists Who Have Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Feb 17, 2016

What does a political revolution sound like? If you're Bernie Sanders, it's an eclectic medley of rap, blues, rock n' roll, country and reggae.

The Democratic presidential hopeful and junior Vermont senator has earned the endorsement of more than 100 musicians, artists and "cultural leaders," according to his campaign website. Neil Young was an early supporter, Vampire Weekend and the Dirty Projectors performed at a Sanders rally in Iowa ​– and just last week, the singer and social activist Harry Belafonte endorsed Sanders.

In a way, the discography of the musicians feeling the Bern forms a particularly apt playlist. There's "Conviction" by Meshell Ndegeocello, "I Got To Be The Boss" by Duke Robillard, "Something Different" from Z-Trip and, perhaps for some listeners, "Split Decision" by Bonnie Raitt. 

Also ... is Hans Zimmer's "Cornfield Chase" about the Iowa caucuses?

Subliminal politics or no, the artists throwing their creative power behind Sanders make for a formidable – and, we hope, enjoyable – election season soundtrack.

To listen, make sure you're logged in to Spotify, and that your browser allows pop-ups. You can also check out the playlist here.

Some of these songs contain explicit language.

As the Sanders campaign notes, endorsements from individual artists don't indicate support from the entire band. For example, there's a song in this playlist from MC5, but only one of its members, Wayne Kramer, has endorsed Sanders.

The list of artists who have endorsed Sanders' opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, isn't shabby either. Katy PerryPharrell, Demi Lovato and others have shared their talents (or their dollars) with Clinton's campaign. Perry and Elton John are set to perform at a Clinton fundraiser concert on March 2.

Closer to home, a group of Vermont musicians recently gathered at Burlington's Signal Kitchen to lay down a tribute track in honor of Sanders. Kat Wright, Dwight Richter, Nicole Nelson, Francesca Blanchard, Kelly Ravin, Lowell Thompson and others collaborated on "This Land Is Your Land."

It's a song Sanders himself sang on a 1987 folk album that surged on the charts right about when the Democratic socialist surged in Iowa. (Due to popular demand, Signal Kitchen has made the audio available for free download.)