Podcast Extra: Heterotaxy And Hearts

Apr 20, 2018

After hearing our episode about hearts, 3yo Ethan Chandra, from Middlesex, NJ, wanted to share the story of his own heart. In this podcast extra, Ethan and his 5yo sister Zoe and their mother, Ali, talk about what it's been like for Ethan to live with a condition called heterotaxy.

Heterotaxy is a word that comes from the ancient Greek language and means different arrangement. People born with heterotaxy have organs that are not in the right place or the right orientation. Heterotaxy patients often need multiple heart surgery to repair holes or other problems with their hearts, and sometimes have other organ difficulties as well.


Ethan Chandra says he sometimes feels scared when he has to go in for surgery, but his mother reminds him that it's possible to be both scared and brave at the same time. But Why is grateful to the Chandra family for sharing their story.