Politics, Media And The Military In The Age Of Technology

Jul 26, 2013

Twitter and Facebook have become strong tools in politics, the media and the military.
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Fri 7/26/13 Noon & 7 PM  During the 2004 Presidential primary, Howard Dean’s campaign pioneered the use of the internet in raising money and organizing volunteers. His webmaster was Nicco Mele. Mele has written a new book called “The End of Big: How the Internet makes David the New Goliath.”

He discusses how the growth of technology over the past decade is having an enormous impact on the world of politics, the gathering and distribution of news, the entertainment industry and the role of the military.

Also on the program, Congressman Peter Welch discusses the issues of data collection and surveillance activities by the National Security Agency.

Plus we listen back to the voices in the news this week.