Pot Legalization Passes Vt. Senate, But Probably Won't Reach House This Session

Apr 21, 2017

The Vermont Senate passed a bill legalizing marijuana Friday in a 21-9 vote, but that doesn't mean the path is clear for legal marijuana in this state.

The new bill is a lot like the legalization bill the senate passed last year. It would a establish regulated market for marijuana, similar to what Colorado has. But unlike last year's bill, this new bill would allow for homegrown pot.

Windam Senator Jeanette White is a sponsor of the bill.

“We know that prohibition has not worked,” White said. “For many years we've known that. Marijuana is out there, it's being used, it's creating an underground market that serves no one. It doesn't serve the state, the kids, the adults.”

The Vermont House will probably not take up the senate bill this session. It's more likely that the House will take up this new legalization bill next year.