President Bill Clinton Stumps For Hillary Clinton At Dartmouth

Oct 17, 2016

With less than a month before the presidential election, former president Bill Clinton came to Hanover, New Hampshire Monday to stump for his wife Hillary Clinton at an event at Dartmouth College.

Most people in the auditorium were too young to have lived through the Clinton administration. But Clinton worked to appeal to the millennial crowd. He told them the slogan "Make America Great Again" works against a positive future.

“It is exactly the wrong message for you,” he told the crowd. “First of all, I turned 70 this year, so 'Make America Great Again' is like me saying I'd like to be 20 again. Actually, I would,” he joked in his iconic Arkansas accent. “But I would not vote for someone who promised to make me 20 again.”  

Alan Lu is a Dartmouth sophomore who came to see President Clinton speak. Lu is 18 and will be voting in his first election this year, in New Hampshire, as a Democrat.

“I can’t vote for [Donald] Trump,” he said after the rally, holding the strap of his backpack over his shoulder. “I pretty much disagree with everything he says. So for me, voting Democrat in this election was a no-brainer.”

But, like many people of his age group, Lu says his vote is more representative of his distaste for Trump rather than a favorable one for Clinton.

Still, with 22 days left until the election, Hillary Clinton is up in the polls by about 5 points against her opponent Donald Trump in the historically swing state of New Hampshire.

President Clinton was just one of the political big wigs to pass through New Hampshire in recent days.

Last week, Michelle Obama spoke to a New Hampshire crowd with a similar message to the former president's. Meanwhile, over the weekend, Donald Trump spoke against Hillary Clinton at a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.