Primary Election Results Finalized Today

Sep 2, 2014

At 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, representatives of Vermont’s Republican, Democrat, Progressive and Liberty Union political parties will gather in the wood paneled conference room in the offices of Secretary of State Jim Condos to certify the results from 275 voting precincts across the state. 

If all goes according to plan, they will review the results from the primary election and then certify them.

Condos says today’s certification will make it clear how many write-in votes Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Dan Feliciano received in the Republican Primary, and how many write-in votes Progressive Lt. Governor candidate Dean Corren got in the Democratic primary.

“First of all, it’s in statute when we finalize the numbers and confirm the numbers occurs at 10:00 on Tuesday the week after the election,” says Condos. "At that time will be the announcement of who has won the individual races; the official return.”

Town clerks throughout the state reported very low voter turnout for the primary election. Today’s certification will show if the turnout dropped below ten percent of registered voters.

Some lawmakers think having the state primary in August results in lower voter turnout but Condos doesn't agree.

“Keep in mind that people can vote as much as 45 days ahead of the election,” said Condos. “So there’s ample time for them to go to their town clerk’s office, request a ballot and vote prior to the actual election day.”

Today’s vote certification will also determine the winner of the GOP race for the U.S. House. On election night, based on unofficial results, Mark Donka led Donald Russell by roughly 320 votes.