Program Changes Coming To VPR In October

Sep 7, 2017

Changes are coming to VPR's program schedule in October 2017. Here’s everything you need to know about the new programs and when to listen.

Why is your schedule changing?
VPR reviews its program schedule often to ensure we’re providing the best public service to our community. Additionally, NPR is ending production of The Best Of Car Talk at the end of September, so that program will no longer be available for VPR to broadcast.

So what’s new?

"It's been a minute" is a way of saying, "let's catch up." Host Sam Sanders does just that every Saturday with two guest journalists. It’s a conversation not just about what happened during the week, but how it felt for people who can't stop following the news, but are exhausted by it.

It’s Been A Minute also includes a deep dive conversation with a guest or into a topic, and a call out to a listener to find out what’s happening in their community. The show concludes with a montage of listeners letting us know the best thing that happened to them during the week. Listeners will walk away feeling both smarter about what's happening in the world and refreshed for the rest of their day.

The program debuted as a podcast this summer. In an interview, Sanders said, “We will always surprise you. And we'll never be afraid to laugh at ourselves.”

It’s Been A Minute replaces The Best Of Car Talk, which is ending production at the end of September.

Host David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, is joined by the magazine's award-winning writers in an hour that will delight and inform. It's a mix of profiles, storytelling and conversations about issues that matter. You'll also hear bursts of humor from the magazine's Shouts and Murmurs page.

VPR gave the program a test run this summer. In our survey, listeners resoundingly said they enjoyed the program and would listen regularly.

  • Extended Hours: HERE & NOW — Monday through Thursday 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Here & Now reflects the fluid world of news as it’s happening in the middle of the day, with timely, smart and in-depth news, interviews and conversation. Co-hosted by award-winning journalists Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson, the show’s daily lineup includes interviews with newsmakers, NPR reporters, editors and bloggers, innovators and artists from across the U.S. and around the globe.

Here & Now is produced by WBUR in Boston together with NPR. VPR is extending the program from one hour to two, bringing you a comprehensive mid-day report on the news of the day. And don't worry - we're keeping Science Friday, Friday afternoons at 2, so Here & Now will be one hour that day.

  • Evening and weekend updates:

Tuesday 10 p.m.: The New Yorker Radio Hour will replace Snap Judgment.

Thursday 9 p.m.: Next replaces A Way With Words

Saturday 3 p.m.: The Moth Radio Hour moves up an hour, replacing Marketplace Weekend.

Saturday 4 p.m.: Reveal is moved to Saturday afternoons.

Absorbing change isn’t always easy. You may be wondering...

How does VPR make programming decisions?
We take many factors into account when choosing and scheduling our programming. Programs also need to fit our strategic plan and budget, and we take market factors, audience research, and listener feedback into consideration. We also keep an eye on what our public radio colleagues around the country are doing, and what is working for them.

How will I function without Car Talk?
We feel you! Car Talk has been a Saturday morning staple on public radio for 30 years. We know it's bittersweet to say farewell to such a beloved show, but NPR is ending production of The Best of Car Talk at the end of September so new episodes will no longer be available for broadcast. You can read a farewell to the show, including a letter from Ray Magliozzi, here. We hope you’ll share your favorite memories on social media using the hashtag #thankscartalk. Although you will no longer hear Click and Clack on VPR, if you’re a diehard, you can keep listening to the archives via podcast.

What’s happening to The Takeaway?
The Takeaway will no longer air on VPR. With the departure of host John Hockenberry, we felt the timing was right to make a change by extending Here & Now to two hours Monday through Thursday. The national audience for Here & Now has seen very strong growth over the last two years. You can continue listening to The Takeaway via podcast.

Why did you move Reveal?
Reveal presents VPR listeners with deep investigative probes into money and politics, health care, and education. They explore and scrutinize the foundations of American society. While VPR and our listeners think the subject matter is important to broadcast, some find that it’s a little too heavy for Sunday morning — that is why we moved it to Saturdays at 4 p.m.

And what about Marketplace Weekend?
In order to add a new program - The New Yorker Radio Hour - VPR had to make the difficult decision  to remove a program from the schedule. After careful consideration and research we decided to move The Moth to 3 p.m. and remove Marketplace Weekend.

How can I share my feedback with VPR?
We love hearing from you! You can give us a call, send us a an email, or get in touch via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We strive to respond to every message!