'q' Returns Monday Night

Apr 24, 2017

q from the CBC returns to VPR Monday night at 8. Since mid-January, VPR has aired the special series, Indivisible.

Produced by WNYC in New York, Indivisible aimed to be “public radio’s national conversation about America in a time of change.” The program was specifically designed to follow the first 100 days of the Trump Administration and will be ending on April 27th. 

In a note to stations closing out the program, the Indivisible team stated, “These weeks have opened our eyes to the incredible breadth of political opinion that already exists in our audiences and people’s appetites to speak to each other.  Together, we have convened sane, informative, sometimes contradictory and utterly relevant nightly gatherings.”

We hope you enjoyed Indivisible. We’d love to know what you thought of the program.  

With the return of q, you’ll hear conversations with artists from the music world, TV, film, theater and more. Host Tom Powers brings insight, surprises, and today’s best music to weekday nights.  Listen Monday through Thursday at 8p.m. for q beginning May 1.