Redefining Our Relationship With Money

Jun 18, 2013

Cabot farmer and author Ben Hewitt.
Credit Courtesy of Ben Hewitt

Tues 6/18/13 Noon & 7PM   We think we know money. We’ve been trying to accumulate it and we’ve been spending it faster than we can make it for a long time. So what would it take to change our perception of money?

For Cabot farmer and author Ben Hewitt, it was watching how a neighbor earning less than $10,000 a year derived great pleasure from the simple things in life. That inspired Hewitt to write his latest book, “Saved: How I Quit Worrying About Money and Became the Richest Guy in the World.”

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Also on the program, a non-profit based in Shelburne has just released a television show focused on Latino teenagers in Los Angeles. Bill Ryerson of the Population Media Center fills us in on the show called "East Los High."