Refugees In Rutland?

Jul 11, 2016

Refugees from war-torn Syria wait in camps for permanent homes. One of the places being consider is Rutland, Vermont.

But the debate over whether to accept 100 Syrian refugees there has divided the city between those ready to welcome them and those who have serious misgivings about the move.

We hear from Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras who supports bringing the refugees to the city, and David O'Brien, a member of Rutland First, a group calling for more information before any final decision is made.

Also on the program, sportscaster and announcer Peter Graves of Thetford has been covering the Olympics since Lake Placid in 1980. He's headed to Rio for this summer's Games and we hear about what his role will be in Brazil.

Plus, on our next edition of Summer School, we learn how to wash a dog from Cheyeann Crossman, director of animal care at the Rutland County Humane Society in Pittsford.

Broadcast live on Monday, July 11, 2016, at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.