Richard Hawley Visits The Greeves One Last Time

Feb 15, 2016

In his latest book, "Greeves Passing: A Novel in Fugue," Vermont author Richard Hawley weaves together the stories of three members of the same family. John Greeve is the headmaster of Wells School, a private New England prep school. And Meg is his wife, diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of the book. Their son, Brian Greeve, is a disaffected young adult who has cut ties while he's traveling abroad, "finding himself."

"Greeves Passing" tells these stories through journal entries and letters written by the three characters themselves.

Fans of Hawley's work may recognize these names. His bestseller from the 1980s, "The Headmaster's Papers" told the story of John Greeve. And "The Headmaster's Wife," Hawley's followup, told Meg's.

When Vermont Edition's Jane Lindholm spoke to Hawley, the author said that over the past 30 years he came to the realization that he was still living with these characters, and he needed to tell Brian's story, too.