Rickie Lee Jones Visits VPR

Oct 18, 2013

Like many of you, my introduction to vocalist-composer Rickie Lee Jones came via the sly, sublimeswing of her hit single "Chuck E.'s In Love". It seemed as if everyone-friends, the butcher-the family doctor-was either singing, humming or whistling the song.   

They were not alone. I, too, was smitten.

But as unquestionably infectious as "Chuck E." was ( and remains), it was but the beginning of Ms. Jones's moving, kaleidoscopic journey, and the beginning of my relationship with her recordings. I've devoured every recording since her 1979 debut collection, and seen her seven times.

So, you ask. What's it like to meet and interview someone whose work has long been a part of my music-loving self? Answer: Warm, approachable and entrancing - for starters. It felt more like a conversation between two music-loving friends than an interview. And she brought her dog with her! It was a joy to discuss the delightful mixed bag that was AM radio in the 1960's-her classic collection entitled "Pirates"-and "West Side Story" -among other topics.

I remain as inspired by with her musical variety and artistic courage as I was back in 1979. No, scratch that. If anything, my interest has grown. 

You can hear my interview with Rickie Lee Jones tonight on Friday Night Jazz, beginning at 8 p.m.