With The RNC Wrapped Up, A Reporter's Final Thoughts On Cleveland

Jul 22, 2016

The Republican National Convention ended last night, and the main event on the final evening was the speech by nominee Donald Trump. VPR's John Dillon has spent the week with the Vermont delegates at the RNC in Cleveland. Before flying home, Dillon spoke to Vermont Edition and shared reactions to Trump's speech.

As his time in Cleveland ends, Dillon also discusses what it was like to be both inside and outside the kind of convention "bubble," including the various clearance and security measures in place related to the event. "That was just my overall feeling – that you're inside this place that's so separate from what's happening in the world outside for this week," Dillon says.

You can also find more from Dillon at the RNC in his reporter's notebook.

Correction 9:40 p.m.: The full title of the Republican National Convention was misspelled in an earlier version of the post. It has been corrected.

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