Royalton Votes Against School Mergers, Halting Act 46 District Consolidations

Apr 12, 2017

The town of Royalton has voted against merging with Bethel and Rochester school districts. This vote will halt several proposed school consolidations in the area.

Six out of seven communities in the White River Valley Supervisory Union voted for the mergers; but a "yes" vote from all the communities is needed for new districts to receive tax incentives under Act 46.

Bruce Labs is the Superintendent of Schools for the White River Valley Supervisory Union. He says the towns will have to reassess why Royalton voters struck down the measure.

“The rest of the districts right now are kind of on hold,” he told VPR on Wednesday, “they all approved mergers, but we can't move forward without it having been a unanimous vote approved by all.”

There is no official meeting planned to revisit the issue. The deadline for the redistricting is June 30, 2017.