Salisbury Enacts A New Hunting Ordinance

Oct 13, 2015

With its mix of lakes, wetlands, forest and fields, Addison County is a popular hunting destination. But starting next week there will be some new gun restrictions in the Addison County town of Salisbury.

The new hunting and firearms ordinance prohibits hunters from firing a gun within 200 feet of any building in the town's high density residential area, including the village center, and lakeshore zoning districts. The ordinance makes exceptions in the cases of defense, including shooting an animal that appears rabid. The ordinance also specifically states it does not apply to law enforcement or other agents of the state or a municipality "acting within the scope of his or her authority."

The ordinance was adopted in August and will go into effect Oct. 24. That's not quite soon enough for one resident who lives along Lake Dunmore. According to minutes of a recent Salisbury Select Board meeting, resident Crispin Butler would have preferred the ordinance be in effect for the start of duck hunting season. The Sept. 22 meeting minutes state:

Crispin Butler wanted to commend the board on doing the hunting ordinance. With this ordinance there is some weight and will give them something to enforce. He is concerned with the effective date for the ordinance because that date is after duck hunting season starts. He has recently seen a duck hunting blind being built that faces towards his house.

Update Oct. 15, 11:45 a.m. The Salisbury Select Board met Tuesday evening and voted to withdraw the hunting ordinance due to language concerns, according to Town Clerk Susan Scott. The ordinance will not go into effect Oct. 24.