Salisbury Select Board Withdraws Hunting Ordinance Days Prior To Enactment

Oct 15, 2015

The Salisbury Select Board has decided to withdraw a hunting and firearms ordinance that was adopted in August and set to go into effect next week. The board met Tuesday night and decided to withdraw the ordinance when some residents questioned its legality.

As VPR reported earlier this week, with a few exceptions the ordinance prohibited firing a gun within 200 feet of any residence or other building in two heavily populated parts of town: the village and around Lake Dunmore. In a newsletter mailed to residents the board stated the ordinance was a reaction to "many, many complaints last fall of shooting occurring at the north end of Lake Dunmore."

The newsletter went on to say:

Several people who are anxious about their safety thanked the Board. However, several others urged the Board to look more closely at the legalities of the ordinance. We have done that. As a result, we have found the ordinance cannot stand as written. Therefore, it will not go into effect October 24th. With the assistance of the Director of the Fish and Wildlife Department, we will continue looking for ways to let people feel safe while allowing responsible hunters to continue hunting where it is safe while being respectful of those living nearby.

Minutes of Tuesday's meeting are not yet available.