Sanders Holds Sunday Meeting With Advisers In Burlington

Jun 12, 2016

Update 6:40 p.m.

Bernie Sanders has reiterated his plan to keep his campaign going until the Democratic convention, while also acknowledging Hillary Clinton's delegate advantage.

"We are going to take our campaign to the convention with the full understanding that we are very good at arithmetic. And we understand who has received the most votes up to now," Sanders said after meeting with supporters and advisors Sunday afternoon.

The meeting came after setbacks for Sanders in a number of primary races last week, in which Hillary Clinton won enough pledged delegates that, combined with superdelegates supporting her, led to her being declared the presumptive nominee.

The final primary of the campaign season is Tuesday in Washington, D.C. and Sanders is scheduled to meeting with Clinton that evening.

This post has been updated to include tweets from VPR's Annie Russell.