Share Your News Tip Or Story Idea With VPR

Sep 22, 2015

If you have an idea for an interesting story or a news tip, share it with the VPR staff or our news director.

There are multiple ways to reach out to the staff and newsroom:

  1. Share an idea or suggestion with the entire VPR staff via this form.
  2. Email a news story tip or suggestion to the entire VPR News team,
  3. If you have a confidential or discreet tip to share, contact the News Director John Dillon via email,, or you can call, fax, write to us or visit.
  4. Contact any member of the VPR staff directly via email, phone or Twitter: the staff directory is here, and the Twitter handles for our reporters are here.

You can trust that VPR will not share your information with any other parties, and that the newsroom will protect the anonymity of our sources.