Show Us Your Sustainer Love!

Nov 2, 2017

Sustainers: we want to hear from YOU! Why do you sustain VPR? What does being a Sustainer mean to you? Record and share your sustainer love and you might hear yourself during our December membership drive.

It’s easy to do - just use the voice memo app on your smartphone to record a short message about why you sustain VPR and email it to Here are some tips for making a great recording:

  • Find a quiet place to record. This could be a room with closed windows and lots of sound-dampening furniture, rugs and curtains. It could also be your closet. Your car’s a good option too.
  • Use your smartphone's voice memo app to record your story. Hold your phone like a Dictaphone — not too close to your mouth, but not too far away either.
  • Give us a little background info. At the beginning of your recording, tell us your full name and where you live.
  • Keep your recording to a minute or less. That gives us a better chance of being able to use your comments on the air!
  • Send your recording to Include your contact info, so we can keep you updated. We'll confirm that we received the audio, and will choose a selection of recordings for our upcoming pledge drive!

Questions? Please contact our Sustaining Membership Coordinator Jean Murphy at Thank you so much for your help!