Smart Meters On The Way

Jan 8, 2013

Roughly seventy percent of the homes in Vermont have already been installed with smart meters which will let consumers (and utility companies) monitor their power usage on a daily basis. With a smart meter, consumers will be able to tell how much power they used doing laundry,or cooking dinner, rather than just finding out how much they used per month,in a bill.

Smart meters are not without controversy, though. Some people are worried about the possible health effects from the Electromagnetic Radiation emitted by the meters. Others are concerned that data collected about homeowners will not be kept secure and private.

We talk to Chris Recchia, commissioner of the Department of Public Service about how far along smart grid implementation is, and what effect it will have on consumers, businesses and greenhouse gas emissions.We'll also hear from Allen Gilbert of the ACLU Vermont and Senator Robert Hartwell from Bennington.

Also, we tour the statehouse with Sergeant at Arms, Francis Brooks, as he prepares for another legislative session. We'll hear about the challenges of the job and what it takes to keep the statehouse running smoothly.