Special Campaign Coverage: VPR News Reports From Iowa

Jan 22, 2016

A team of VPR News reporters are reporting from Iowa in advance of the presidential caucuses on February 1. Over the next week, VPR will focus on the run up to democratic caucus in Iowa, where Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is locked in a tight race with Hillary Clinton.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Reporting from rallies and events for both Sanders and Clinton
  • Voter profiles
  • Explainers on the Iowa caucus, how it works, and why it matters
  • A look at the role of religion in the Iowa vote
  • VPR News will also seek out the answers to questions posed by listeners.

Ongoing coverage can be found throughout the day at our Tumblr, VPR Field Notes, on Twitter @vprnet, on Instagram @vprnet, and by following VPRNews on Snapchat.

A complete guide to our coverage is at VPR.net.

VPR News will return to Iowa for the caucus on February 1. 

This coverage is supported by the VPR Journalism Fund.