Speth's 'Manifesto For A New Economy'

Dec 11, 2012

Gus Speth is widely known as a leader in national environmental policy circles. He founded the Natural Resources Defense Council, advised presidents Carter and Clinton and was dean of Yale's environmental studies department. But Speth recently moved to Vermont and turned his eye to a different problem: a political and economic system that he says is broken. His new book is America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy, in which he outlines how the United States can address social, economic and environmental crises only through massive systemic change.

Also on the program, birders are seeing more redpolls, grosbeaks and crossbills in the region than they normally would at this time of year. It has to do with the dearth of the tree seed crop these birds would usually find in Quebec and Ontario. Bird Diva Bridget Butler explains the reasons for this season's irruption and the best places to see these birds. Or maybe even a great gray owl.

Plus, Champlain College student Mahmoud Jabari, with a group of 15 Palestinian volunteers, visited youth camps in Hebron, Palestine this past summer. Using BREAKAWAY, a computer game developed at Champlain, the group impacted the lives of young people through the message of respect and ending violence against women and girls. Jabari discusses what he and the group achieved.