State Commission Recommends Opting In To Federal FirstNet Contract

Nov 21, 2017

Vermont's Public Safety Broadband Network Commission was tasked with determining the state's best option for building out a public safety broadband network. The commission is now recommending that Gov. Phil Scott opt in to a federal contract with AT&T.

Every U.S. state and territory must choose whether to opt in to the federal FirstNet contract with AT&T or come up with another way to build its own first responder network.

Chairman Terry LaValley says the commission evaluated the FirstNet contract and looked at other options submitted through a request for proposals.

"Based on our evaluation of that material and a recommendation from the Treasurer’s Office and an independent review which was conducted by the Agency of Digital Services, the commission has recommended for Gov. Scott to opt in to FirstNet for Vermont," says LaValley.

Scott has until Dec. 28 to make his decision. More than 30 states have opted in to the federal FirstNet contract thus far.