The State Of Hate: Live With Mark Potok

Sep 29, 2017

Mark Potok joins us in our studio to discuss hate and the current political climate.

Mark Potok, who grew up in Plainfield, Vermont, is one of the country's top experts on white supremacy, hate groups and right-wing extremism. After covering the Waco siege and the Oklahoma City bombing as a reporter, Potok worked for many years with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

What issues of hate are you currently grappling with? Does the current climate feel increasingly tense? Or are other factors to blame?

Share your thoughts below or join us live Monday, Oct. 2 at noon.

Potok will be delivering a lecture entitled "Antisemitism and the Alt-Right Movement in the U.S." at the University of Vermont Davis Center Oct. 2 at 7 p.m.