Student Composer Showcase

Aug 6, 2013

VPR Classical's Student Composer for August, in conjunction with Music-Comp,  is Nathan Chan. He'll be a senior this fall at U-32 High School. His piece is called Melody to an Unheard Story.

This is what he says about it:  Drawing influences from Broadway, film and electronic music, I've created Melody to an Unheard Story.  It would take many words to describe the dimensions of my short life; so I've chosen to display a few aspects of it through this Unheard Story instead.  

It was commissioned by Music-Comp and the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, which we hear conducted by Paul Gambill at Chandler Music Hall in Randolph in June of this year.

Listen Tuesday August 6 at 8:30am; Thursday August 8 at 12:04pm; and Monday August 12 at 4:04pm.