Student Composer Showcase: 1 Week To A Trio

Jan 4, 2016

Each Month, VPR Classical highlights the work of talented young composers in the region, for a feature called the Student Composer Showcase. This January we’re doing something a little different, and dropping in on the compositional process as it happens.

Over the course of a week in July, composer Erik Nielsen led a group of 4 students in a writing workshop. They each focused on writing their own woodwind trio, from start to finish. The students have all written music before, though few have completed a whole piece in such a condensed time period. We'll hear from students Anna Halladay, Ethan Duncan, and Jacob Dennison.

VPR Classical’s Student Composer Showcase is produced in collaboration with Music-COMP’s online composition mentoring program. Find out more at

Pieces were recorded by Erik Nielsen on November 22nd at UVM’s Recital hall. Performers are Katie Oprea, oboe; Steve Klimowski, clarinet; and Julian Partridge, bassoon.