Student Composer Showcase: Nancy McNichols

Apr 26, 2018

Nancy McNichols says that she finds her inspiration for writing music from world around her, spinning  out ideas as they come. For this edition of the Student Composer Showcase, we'll speak with McNichols about how she makes music her own.

Nancy is in 8th grade at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington. She talks about how music will "swing" your emotions, "If it's a sad song you'll just want to sit there, while if it's something happy you'll want to dance in your seat."

"Music's everywhere pretty much, so you're just like, 'I wanna write that or I wanna write this.' The music that I listen to I get to make it the way I want to, take pieces from what I hear and spin it into my own kind of piece."

McNichols has a new work being premiered on Monday's Opus 33 Concert for Music-COMP.

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