Student Music Video Celebrates Personalized Learning

Aug 30, 2016

Vermont students are returning to the classroom this week. For incoming high school freshmen, that means learning to negotiate a whole new set of expectations. But the same could be said for their teachers and administrators. 

The class of 2020 will be the first to navigate high school with personalized learning plans, as spelled out in Vermont Act 77.

Personalized learning and student-centric curriculum are what the East Hardwick-based organization UP for Learning is all about. Earlier this year, UP for Learning worked with students and educators to write, perform and produce a music video about personalized learning called Our Time.

"As school prepares to come back full-swing, now's a great time for students to be heard – literally and figuratively," says UP for Learning spokesperson Mike Schaefer.

The hope is a music video by Vermont students about personalized learning will inspire other Vermont students to play a more active role in designing their own education.