Summer School: How To Wax Cross-Country Skis

Aug 9, 2013

In Vermont, winter is never far from our minds, so on this week's installment of Vermont Edition Summer School we'll step a little outside of the season and learn something more suited to the snowy months: how to wax cross country skis.

While some cross country skiers opt for wax-less skis, but for those who don't, knowing how to properly wax and prepare skis for the season is an essential skill. To learn, we spoke with Kyle Darling of Skirack in Burlington, a former college skier who runs waxing clinics at the store.

"Waxing is part science, and part art"

One important thing to remember, says Kyle, is to keep the waxing iron moving at all times: "I'm just going to keep the iron moving, I don't want the iron to sit on the ski base because you can actually burn the base and melt it".

For more of our Summer School series, listen to Vermont Edition every Monday this summer. Next week, we'll head into the garage and learn to change our oil!