Tell Us Your Favorite Vermont Ghost Story, For A Brave Little State Halloween Special

Sep 21, 2016

Brave Little State is answering a question about Vermont's best ghost stories — and we want to collect your creepiest tales for a Halloween podcast extra.

Update: We're no longer accepting submissions, because our Halloween special is live! Listen here, and thanks to everyone who shared a tale.

Brave Little State is VPR's people-powered podcast: You ask the questions, you decide what we investigate and then you work with us to find the answers. For our October episode, in addition to a question about utility rates, we're taking on this question:

"What are some of the most interesting/mysterious/intriguing ghost stories about the state of Vermont?"

Maybe there's a tale you grew up hearing, or an unsettling story behind a landmark in your town or city. We're looking for your best original delivery — in other words, no reading aloud from published works, please!

Here's how to submit your story:

  • Find a quiet place to record. This could be a room with closed windows and lots of sound-dampening furniture, rugs and curtains. It could also be your closet. Or your car.
  • Get in a spooky mood. Adorn yourself in garlic and/or whisper "I see dead people" a few times.
  • Use your smartphone's voice memo app to record your story. Hold your phone like a Dictaphone — not too close to your mouth, but not too far away either. If you choose to tell your story in a foreboding, whispery tone, perhaps do a short test recording to make sure it's not too quiet.
  • Give us a little background info. At the beginning of your recording, tell us your full name, where you live and how you learned this terrifying tale.
  • Use lots of detail. We may add sound effects and music to your story, so get descriptive!
  • Keep your story under 5 minutes. We're not sure how many submissions we'll get, but we want to include as many as possible — so keep it short and scary! Do a practice run to get the timing right.
  • Send your recording to Include your contact info, so we can keep you updated. We'll confirm that we received the audio, and will choose a selection of the stories for our Halloween special!

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Brave Little State reserves the right to condense your story for clarity and length, and distribute it across VPR's platforms.

Image by Vermont photographer Scott McCracken. Find more here.