There Goes The Tent: Camping Disasters And How Not To Have Them

Jul 8, 2013

Credit theclyde / Flickr

Mon July 8, 7pm and 12Noon We’ve probably all had that frustrating moment trying to set up the tent in the near dark. We’ll learn some tips and tricks to avoid camping disasters. What's your worst camping horror story? Email or post your stories below.

We'll talk to Frank Spaulding and Sarah Clark, stars of the camping how-to videos on the State Parks Website.

Also on the show, some of the Vermont State Hospital administrative records were saved from flooding during Tropical Storm Irene, and they've just been opened to the public at the State Archives. We'll find out what's in them from archivist Mariessa Dobrick.

And we'll get an update on the situation with the oil train fire in Quebec.

And finally, we'll learn how to spin wool into yarn in this week's edition of summer school.