'There Oughta Be A Law...'

Nov 2, 2015

Have you ever looked at a problem in Vermont and thought to yourself, 'Here's how that could be fixed'?  On the next Vermont Edition, we're looking for your great ideas of laws to pass - or repeal! - that you think would improve life in Vermont.

Our guest is Vermont Law School professor Oliver Goodenough, who is hosting a three-day "Legithon" at the Statehouse in November. The event asks citizens to create laws that balance economic development while protecting public interest. Goodenough will be our guest to discuss the legislative process, and how competing tensions are weighed in path of a bill becoming a law. 

What law would you create, if you could? Post below

Also in today's program, the newest installment of Dorothy's List. Reporter Amy Noyes takes us to Sheldon, where fifth and sixth graders have been reading the Dorothy Canfield Fisher-nominated book, Port Chicago 50. The non-fiction book by Steve Sheinkin tells the story of African-American sailors in the U.S. Navy fighting for civil rights at the naval base Port Chicago in 1944.