A Vermont Delegate And Sanders Supporter Reflects On Bernie's DNC Speech

Jul 26, 2016

All eyes were on Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Monday night, and perhaps no contingent of supporters was more engaged than the group Vermonters who traveled to Philadelphia to support their hometown senator.

One of those is Jo Sabel Courtney, a Vermont delegate and ardent Bernie Sanders supporter.

"More important was the speech he gave earlier in the day to his family, his delegates," Sabel Courtney said. "I think his speech last night helped me a lot. I've seen the pained faces of so many of our delegates across the country. I think he turned the corner for me, because we're here as pledged Bernie delegates and we need to listen to what he's telling us."

Sabel Courtney said their votes are still for Bernie, and they'll see what transpires in Tuesday night's role call.

Still, she's not ready to say she'll support Hillary Rodham Clinton in the general election. "I will probably vote for Hillary Clinton because our choices are Green Party, Libertarian Party of [Republican nominee Donald] Trump — let's not even go there — or not vote. Those are the choices, and it's very difficult. "

Courtney says the Sanders delegates won on platform, and they will continue to win, but the delegates have to have their mourning period before they can decide what level of support they will give to Clinton.

Listen to the full interview above.

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