Vermont Garden Journal: Add Color With The Edibles Of Autumn

Sep 29, 2017

I'm a native New Englander but still always struck by our fall foliage colors. Many gardeners like to bring these colors into their yards with beautiful trees and shrubs but don't forget about adding edibles.

Many edible shrubs produce delicious fruit and provide brilliant color. For one, Amelanchier or serviceberry is a popular multi-stemmed tree with white flowers in spring followed by black berries. The leaves turn a dark burgundy color in fall.

The American persimmon isn't a tree that many people grow but I love it. It has large, avocado-like leaves that become a bright golden color this time of year. Plus, its orange fruits give the tree a spooky appearance after the leaves drop.

Other favorites include elderberry bushes with yellow leaves, the burgundy foliage of American cranberry viburnum (both make a nice addition to a shrub border) and clove currant as its leaves also turn yellow in autumn.

Now for this week's tip: let seed heads of coneflowers and rudbeckia stay in the garden after the petals drop to feed the birds and for a cool, winter ornamental look.