Vermont Garden Journal: Breathe Easy With Houseplants

Nov 10, 2017

The word around horticultural circles is that houseplants are back! With a growing interest in having greenery indoors and the benefit of air purification, houseplants are being used by interior designers to create a cozy, natural look.

I'm not just talking about spider plants and aloe. Large tropical plants, such as rubber trees and Swiss cheese plants, are gracing many homes. They do take up space, but are low maintenance as long as they're in a bright room with the soil kept evenly moist.

If you're interested in good air purifiers, Boston ferns are becoming popular again. They're best grown in hanging baskets in a bright room with indirect light and high humidity. Calathea is a group of houseplants mostly grown for their large, oval, scalloped leaves that are dark green on top and burgundy on the bottom.

Listen to this podcast to hear more suggestions for good houseplant choices.

Now for this week's tip:  wrap broadleaf evergreens, such as rhododendrons, now with burlap to protect them from winter winds. Don't let the burlap touch the foliage or it will wick moisture away from the leaves.