Vermont Garden Journal: How To Grow Morning Glories

Jul 1, 2016

Morning glories are often grown as decoration and sometimes a food crop. It is related to other common garden plants such as sweet potatoes and moon flowers.

Here are five tips for growing morning glories:
Morning glories grow and flower best in full sun in fertile soil. However, too much nitrogen leads to lots of leaf growth with few flowers.

  • Start seeds indoors 3-to-4 weeks before the last frost or sow them in the ground now.
  • Nick the seed with a file and soak them overnight in warm water to enhance germination.
  • Morning glories are climbers so try to plant them near a mailbox, pergola, trellis or fence. They always climb clockwise, opening in the morning and closing by afternoon.
  • Morning glories self-sow, so be prepared to weed out seedlings next spring in that area.
  • Consider planting morning glories near evergreen shrubs such as junipers and yews. Let the vine crawl through the plants to surprise you with their blooms.