Vermont Garden Journal: Keeping A Dog-Friendly Garden

Jun 30, 2017

If you struggle with the combination of a garden AND dogs, I've got some tips on how to have a dog-friendly garden and a garden-friendly dog.

I have two dogs and lots of gardens. Luckily, my Cavalier Spaniels aren't big dogs nor are they interested in digging, flopping on plants or wreaking havoc in the garden. But if you face this problem, there are some steps to take to allow the dog and garden to live in harmony.

First, training can go a long way to teach your dog where they're allowed and not allowed to go. Also, a well-exercised dog is less likely to get bored and try activities such as digging. So give your pup daily walks.

Simple fences, especially with small dogs, work wonders keeping them out of sensitive garden areas. Also, spray plants with spices, such as cayenne pepper, to thwart munching.

For more suggestions, listen to this episode of The Vermont Garden Journal. With a little planning, you and your pooch can coexist just fine in the garden.

Now for this week's tip:  keep strawberry fruits picked every few days to avoid having them rot in our wet, humid summer weather.