Vermont Garden Journal: The Wide Variety Of Mint

May 4, 2017

This common perennial herb is known for its many medicinal and culinary uses. And since it's almost Kentucky Derby time, I'm talking about mint!

Mint is not only used to make teas and certain foods but is also known to aid digestion, treat mild burns, fight the common cold and fix bad breath. Aside from the well-known spearmint and peppermint herbs, the list of mint varieties sounds like a dessert bar. There's banana mint, chocolate mint, apple mint, orange mint, lavender mint and many others including Kentucky Colonel mint which is used for making Mint Juleps.

During this podcast of The Vermont Garden Journal, hear about techniques for growing and containing mint in the garden.

Now for this week's tip: dust newly transplanted broccoli family seedlings with diatomaceous earth if flea beetles are eating the leaves. Flea beetles are small, black beetles that cause shotgun-like holes in the leaves.