Vermont House Prepares For Floor Debate On Pot Legalization

Mar 27, 2017

The prospects for legalization of marijuana face a big moment this week: the Vermont House will take up a floor debate over whether to legalize possession of some amounts of pot in Vermont.

The bill is H.170 and it would allow people over 21 years of age to possess one ounce of marijuana, or two mature plants, or four immature plants. But there is disagreement over whether the measure goes too far, or not far enough. Some lawmakers are backing a separate bill that instead calls for a fully commercialized and taxed model of pot legalization. 

On the next Vermont Edition, we hear all sides of the pot legalization debate. Our guests include Rep. Chip Conquest, vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee, who supports H.170; Rep. Janssen Willhoit, who voted against in the committee; and Rep. Sam Young, who supports a legalization model similar to Colorado's.

Broadcast live at noon on Monday, March 27, 2017; Rebroadcast at 7 p.m.